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Manchester BeeCycle

Say hello to the BeeCycle – a very special cycle featuring a unique livery dedicated to the great city of Manchester. The bee has long symbolised Manchester as being a hive of activity and enterprise populated by honest, hard-working citizens and it goes without saying that it features prominently on the BeeCycle.


In striking gold and black this special edition bicycle features a custom designed bee icon on the frame complemented by a veritable hive of painted and laser etched bees around the frame and on the handlebars, pedals and seat post. The result is a truly stunning bicycle.


The featured BeeCycle is a single speed Devil Series cycle ideally suited for city cycling and is priced at £995.


The BeeCycle is available to order using any of our wide range of framesets, drive trains, handlebars and saddles and can even be further personalised with your name, a company logo or any design or icon of your choice. 

Price depends your final specification. Please contact us and we will be happy to prepare a no obligation specification and quotation.


Manchester Bee

The bee icon first came into prominence as far back as the 18th century when Manchester became a leader in the Industrial Revolution and since then it has it has been featured across many of Manchester’s features, landmarks, buildings and household brand names.


Bees are featured in Manchester’s coat of arms, HMS Manchester, a Royal Navy destroyer was nicknamed the Busy Bee and the bee emblem was depicted on the ship’s crest. Manchester’s iconic town hall has a mosaic of a worker bee on its entrance steps and Manchester University features bees on its crest. Boddington’s nationally renowned logo features two bees on the front of a barrel of the famous beer.


Since the terror attack at the Arena which claimed 22 lives, the symbol has taken on a renewed life with Mancunians of all ages using it to depict the City’s hope, unity and defiance in the face of adversity.


Today the bee icon is to be seen on buildings and murals across the City as a constant reminder to the world of Manchester’s indomitable spirit.